Contribute to Football Weekends


Contribute to Football Weekends


Football Weekends magazine is for the fans and we welcome contributions from as many travelling supporters as possible! So how do you get involved? There are several sections of the magazines that welcome reader input – here’s a quick rundown.


In The Frame

In The Frame is our popular photo feature. We welcome an album of 8-12 photos on a football travelling related theme – they could be from the same country, or the same era, or maybe focussing on something specific: floodlights, tea bars, turnstiles.

Each image should ideally be 1mb to 5mb in size to ensure decent reproduction – no thumbnails please. And they must be taken by yourself.

Give a brief explanation to explain each photo and email us at We recommend you send the photos to us via Dropbox or We Transfer.

Traveller’s Tale

Our traveller tales expand our reach to many destinations. They are exactly what the name suggests – a tale of one of your travels to Europe.

If you’re interested in doing this our first, most important piece of advice is: email us before you write it! We try to ensure a good mix of destinations so if we have recently featured where you’ve been – or have one in the pipeline – we may well politely decline your offer this time.

However in many cases we do accept article ideas, and in those instances we’ll email you back with advice on exactly what we’re after. In general, articles are 1200-1500 words in length with some additional info, and we welcome around 20 photos to choose from to accompany the article. This can vary according to the number of games seen.

We also accept contributions for similar features:

  • Doing The 92 – matchday visits to English league clubs
  • Non-league – matchday visits to clubs in the top three steps of non-league
  • Globehopping – matchday visits to clubs outside Europe
  • Groundhopping – a group tour involving multiple games over a few days

Email us at with your ideas. We try to respond promptly but please allow up to a week for a reply.



Here’s a few answers to questions we often get:

Q: I’ve never written an article for publication before – can I submit something? A: Yes! As long as your writing, spelling and grammar is of a reasonable standard we are happy to consider it.

Q: What would I concentrate on in my article? A: Focus on the fan experience – your thoughts on where you’ve been, and anything that struck you as different to previous trips. The city deserves a mention, as does the club, and the match too – but keep accounts of the match very brief as it will be several months before it appears in print.

Q: I went on a great trip three years ago – want a review? A: No thanks, we want our tales to be as recent as possible.

Q: I’ve done 20 grounds over the last season, want a feature? A: Probably not – the early games are getting old and there will be too much to cover. Best to keep in touch with us with each trip.

Q: On my recent trip I did eight games in eight days! A: Sounds a belting trip, but covering each game in depth will make for a very long article. You may think about covering 2 or 3 of the venues – liaise with us, it may well be we have featured some so we may suggest concentrating on the others.

Q: I’ve been to Dortmund/ Barcelona/ Milan/ Madrid. Want a review, or have these venues been frequently covered? A: Try us. Yes, they will have featured in the past but it’s inevitable there will always be interest in the most popular destinations so we are happy to carry further reviews.

Q: I didn’t take any photos but I’ve found some on the internet, is that OK? A: Sorry, no – this can lead to copyright issues. All submitted photos must be taken by yourself.

Q: I have some great action photos at the game! A: Sadly that creates problems – permission is required to publish match action at higher levels of the European game. It may not be a issue in the fourth tier in the Balkans, or non-league, but it certainly is in the major leagues. Pictures of fans, crowds and stadiums please!