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Football Weekends is your magazine dedicated to European and UK football travel! It offers engaging and informative reviews and features of interest to the tens of thousands of supporters who love travelling to watch the game - and the many more who would like to. Its objective is to share experiences of fascinating cities and super stadiums - and give knowledge to provide an unforgettable, hassle-free trip. From Barcelona to Birmingham, Dortmund to Debrecen, it covers them all. Football Weekends is published 11 times a year - monthly through the year with a bi-monthly edition in December/January. Subscribe for 1 year of 11 issues and you have your magazine delivered to your door ahead of it going on sale in the shops. Payment for a UK subscription for one year in full costs 52.99. You can pay by credit card, debit card (one off debit), bank transfer of cheque. If you would like to save, and pay 4.25 monthly by direct debit, please
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